Welcome to our story, we don’t have much of one. It was love at first sight really, a meeting of gods amongst men/female bass players. And next came the music, with heavy rock hitters such as “Exile” moving into softer rock ballads that will make you tear up due to a cheesy repetitive chorus’ like in “Not Alone”. Or, may it be letting the guitar player out of their cage to give old guy Dave a run for his money in the Pink Floyd inspired “Beating Hearts” . That is us, if you like us we promise to be the “Sahara” to your “Line”. If not... ouch!

Singles, no we don’t mean many drummers out there. We mean Music Singles. Looking into getting new music out, we have starting on the terrible, terrible journey of recording.

There may be some teasers on the way, sneak peaks as the kids say, into how it’s coming along or even where we are going next with it.



Reviews coming soon